How to use the behavior feature in the embed dashboard to go to another embed dashboard using Codeigniter

I'm making a website and embedding a dashboard with more than 1 dashboard. Then, I want when a graph is clicked it will go to another dashboard that I also embed. I'm using a custom destination url. However, when I click on the graphic, the url doesn't change on my website. Only the data has changed. I've tried looking for "Did the iframe's src change?" apparently not.

When I click the graphic I want the url to change from ".../KampanyeSemuaProduk" to ".../KampanyePerProduk". But the existing url stays in ".../KampanyeSemuaProduk"

That I want

(change dashboard and enter filters manually)

Hi @Zeddd
You would likely need to use the FullApp embedding, which is only available in the Enterprise edition: