How to visualize & Administer Metabase postgresql tables?

At my Linodes volume of Ubuntu I used Cloudron to install a Dockerized Metabase application.
Cloudron shows me when Metabase has a new version which has a Docker script to update it on my server.

Apparently that Docker version of Metabase also installed the postgresql server and automatically connected Metabase to postgresql, bypassing H2 storage. Great!

So I don't have to sweat switching H2 data to Postgresql and importing the latest tables information.

However, now I want to Administer those Metabase tables and thereby remove a lot of my experimental charts and queries during the first week of learning Metabase.
I want to install pgadmin GUI and quickly connect to my Metabase database and its tables.

Cloudron doesn't offer it. Linodes doesn't offer it. And I have no Docker GUI interface to my Metabase application at my domain.

What is the most direct way to get GUI admin oversight of the Metabase postgresql database that is running online at my Ubuntu server?

I just tested and I see also that Metabase at my online application is running through port :5050.
Which is the Docker container default, apparently.

Is there a Metabase integration of a tool to visualize and administer its postgresql database ?

Many Thanks!

Hi @ThunderPoet
You should absolutely not edit the Metabase application database manually. You can easily end up corrupting something.
If you want to start completely over, then delete the database and create a new database, then startup Metabase which will then show the setup dialog.

If you want to look at the content of the application database, then just connect to it as a regular data source by adding it in Admin > Databases.