How to wrap text results

I want to warp text based results into multiple rows. Is there any way?

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where? in a table list or?

Let me inform you first I am very new to Metabase.

Let’s say I am executing a sql query where the result will be a long text, then how to wrap this into multiple rows.

If you’re talking about adding in line breaks, I think you can do something like this:

DECLARE @text NVARCHAR(100) SET @text = 'This is line 1.' + CHAR(13) + 'This is line 2.' SELECT @texttext

CHAR(13) inserts a new line.

If you’re talking about making a paragraph result wrap, it sounds like maybe you’re trying to look at something like user descriptions or something for an individual user or product maybe? If that’s the case, maybe a better way to go about doing that is to just open up the table and then click on the unique ID for the user/item you want to see details about — Metabase has a special way of formatting things when you’re viewing a single row/item which makes it much easier to read long paragraphs of text.

@maz CHAR(13) didn't work