Howto connect hosted Metabase to GCP CloudSQL


I am trying to connect my newly hosted Metabase instance to our GCP CloudSQL database and I'm having issues with the connection.

I whitelisted the AWS IPs as described in IP to whitelist for Metabase Cloud instances , but no luck

Could anyone share how to set it up, thanks.

Hi @renaud
Are you getting the “5000 milliseconds timeout” error or something different?

Yes, indeed @flamber

on sept 24th, the error was more specific and was displaying my db user name and the AWS IP (which I whitelisted).
i just tried again today and indeed it says timeout after 5s

@renaud Can you double-check that the 3 IPs are on the allow-list and that your security groups configured correctly on GCP?
The IPs hasn’t changed since I posted them, and will likely not change in a foreseeable future - if they do, we will notify everyone using hosting.
The error from the 24th would have been nice to have, but that’s likely gone. You can find the full error details in Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.