HTTP Post preference from UI


Sometimes we have extremely long query strings because we’re using a long list of items (e.g. zip codes and this breaks the browser URL length limits. It would be nice if the UI had a setting to say use Post all the time. Seems like the API supports post but the UI does not have a setting to indicate that the UI should use it (or at least we have not found one).


Hi @hockey_dave
How long are your queries, meaning amount of characters? And which error do you see?
I think the reason GET is used, is to make it really easy to share - just copy/paste the URL.


The Url is 9010 characters. Metabase responds with: We’re experiencing server issues. Try refreshing the page after waiting a minute or two. Also: 414 Request-URI Too Large

I get why Metabase prefers Get over Post (i.e. sharing) but it would be good to have the option to use Post when required.


Interesting. Do you have a reverse proxy or using Jetty directly?
Do you see anything in the Metabase log - either first respond or after refresh?

You should be fine with that amount of characters - but that’s based on standards, not if Metabase is handling anything wrong.


Thanks for the hints. We’ll take a look at our Nginx settings. It could be that is truncating it.