I cannot see Admin Settings, I installed v0.36.3

Today, I get started metabase latest v0.36.3 on elastic beanstalk and postgresql.
I could see metabase top page. But I cannot access Admin Settings Page. The URL is https://{METABASE_DOMAIN}/admin/settings/setup. Error is as follow.

We’re a little lost…
The page you asked for couldn’t be found.

I can see all the pages except this one.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Hi @onukichi
Check the logs on AWS to see if Metabase is still running.
If Metabase is running and you don’t see any errors, then it could be caused by a proxy:

Thanks for your help.
I solved this issue because I make a metabase url appropriate url from admin panel.
Thank you.

If you went through metabase documentation on setting up nginx with metabase and after you change the site url to something completely different and when you go to your browser and in the setting page, you’ll probably won’t see anything. If you goto your browser and bring up developer console and go over to Network and reload the admin setting page you’ll see a bunch of 301 redirect to the same path. You’ll need to clear the cached 301 redirect. In your metabase admin page go to developer console and go to Network tab and check the box of disable cache checkbox. In your browser (Chrome) hold the reload/refresh button will provide you an option to clear the cache.
After clearing those cache I was able to see all the menus