I cannot use date field as entity name?


I have a table dim_date which has a guid as it’s primary key and a date field.
I have set the date field up as entity name.

I have another table with a field, date_uuid, which references dim_date.
However, when setting up display values for the date_uuid field, I cannot select the date field?
I can only select fields in dim_data of type numeric or string?

Have you configured foreign and private primary (oops) keys as part of admin data modelling in Metabase?

Hi, not sure if its related but it reminds me of this issue:

entity and foreign key fields are not usable anymore in metabase query builder as fields. And sadly this behaviour does not get refreshed after you remove the join

Yes, I have. It works fine for other tables where I am using string fields as entity names.

I am not sure this is the same? By the way, my tables are not set up wth foreign key constraints in the database (postgresql) - the foreign key relationship is only defined in metabase.

it does not sound like the same issue, sorry! Hope you can fix it!