I can't add my SQL Data base to Metabase from my computer


I am new to metabase and I just accessed it through localhost:3000 and now access it with paid subscription. I'd like to know why I can't add my SQL database I've already converted from csv to sqlite (but the output is sql), it displays something like this.. Eventhough, I tried it on paid version, it still displays something like this.

"C:\Users\User\Downloads\classic-rock-lists.sql (No such file or directory)"

What should I do? What have been missing?

Hi @rin
Metabase Cloud does not have access to your computer, so that would not be possible:
As for accessing an SQLite database via your own self-hosted, then it needs to be able to have access to the file, and the file has to be in SQLite-format, which is not the same as SQL-output.
And try using forward-slashes instead of back-slashes, so C:/Users/User/Downloads/classic-rock-lists.db

Hello @flamber ,
Thank you for your respond.

But how to convert from csv to sqlite online? I keep trying to find online solution since I've watched a lot of videos how to change csv to sql, yet all of them seems need to install something or give command prompt and it is very complicated and I could not follow the instructions, so I converted it online and choose "SQLite" yet the results are "SQL Source File" like this

The original file is from here

and I download it in zip format which resulted as csv file like this..

and I converted it online from here:

and I choose "SQLite" format yet the output is like the picture above, still "SQL Source file".

Is the output really "SQLite" format eventhough it appears as "SQL Source file".

Maybe, are there reliable source which can produce output in SQLite format?

@rin May I recommend that you just use the CSV driver instead of converting to SQLite:

When using "konbert", then I'm guessing you're clicking the button "Export as SQL", which is exactly what it says, outputs SQL not a SQLite binary database.
Try this instead: https://www.rebasedata.com/convert-csv-to-sqlite-online


I tried "csv metabase driver" and it seems complicated cause I can't find directory/plugins in metabase but I am gonna try it later, but it worked with the sqlite converter online you mentioned above and it is easier. Thank you so much:slightly_smiling_face :smiley: