I cant find slack channel when create a pulse

Dear Team,

Need your help, this first I use Metabase and create a pulse when I create the pulse and already follow the user guide as well and I’ve some issue.

I already create bot slack with bot name: meta-base and I’ve filled the slack API token also and I’ve created the slack channel is metabase_files.

Right now I have some issue:

  1. when I save the setting of slack in the admin panel, I have an error like this.
    error 500 > api.js:120
{message: "slack.com: unknown error",…}
message: "slack.com: unknown error"
stacktrace: ["integrations.slack$do_slack_request.invokeStatic(slack.clj:32)",…]
0: "integrations.slack$do_slack_request.invokeStatic(slack.clj:32)"
1: "integrations.slack$do_slack_request.doInvoke(slack.clj:30)"
2: "api.slack$fn__43035$fn__43038$fn__43039.invoke(slack.clj:22)"
3: "api.slack$fn__43035$fn__43038.invoke(slack.clj:19)"
4: "api.common.internal$do_with_caught_api_exceptions.invokeStatic(internal.clj:248)"
5: "api.common.internal$do_with_caught_api_exceptions.invoke(internal.clj:243)"
6: "api.slack$fn__43035.invokeStatic(slack.clj:11)"
7: "api.slack$fn__43035.invoke(slack.clj:11)"
8: "middleware$enforce_authentication$fn__31785.invoke(middleware.clj:122)"
9: "api.routes$fn__45034.invokeStatic(routes.clj:85)"
10: "api.routes$fn__45034.invoke(routes.clj:85)"
11: "routes$fn__45721$fn__45722.doInvoke(routes.clj:101)"
12: "routes$fn__45721.invokeStatic(routes.clj:97)"
13: "routes$fn__45721.invoke(routes.clj:97)"
14: "middleware$log_api_call$fn__31884$fn__31886.invoke(middleware.clj:330)"
15: "middleware$log_api_call$fn__31884.invoke(middleware.clj:329)"
16: "middleware$add_security_headers$fn__31834.invoke(middleware.clj:245)"
17: "middleware$bind_current_user$fn__31789.invoke(middleware.clj:142)"
18: "middleware$maybe_set_site_url$fn__31838.invoke(middleware.clj:268)"
  1. When I create a pulse, I have an error in the console browser like this.
    240 Refused to load the font ‘’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "font-src ‘self’ fonts.gstatic.com themes.googleusercontent.com ".

Error handling response: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘state’ of null
at CSRecorder.onQueryStateCompleted (chrome-extension://cplklnmnlbnpmjogncfgfijoopmnlemp/content_scripts/recorder.js:106:18)

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

I can’t find the slack channel and I already create a pulse send to general as well but the pulse does not send to the #general channel.

I’m using version 0.27.2


Mas Jaya Sutarno

Hi @MasJaya
Is there a specific reason why you are using version 0.27.2, which is 2 years old?
Try upgrading. Also check the Metabase log for more details.

  1. Looks like the error is coming from Slack. Try redoing the setup and make sure the bot has access to the channels.
  2. The first error is probably because a bad CSR or your browser is blocking something. The second error is from an extension. And the third error is when you are trying to send the pulse.

Hi @flamber

Thanks for your advice, right now the pulse can send to slack after update the Metabase version and then I have a question for metabot, I have created metabot on slack channel metabase_files and I try call metabot list but the answer is Here’s your 0 most recent cards:, what the problem I can’t see our question or the pulse on list metabot, it’s mean how to add our question/pulse to the metabot list :slight_smile:

Thank You

@MasJaya I don’t understand. You say that the pulse can be send on Slack, but then you say that you’re not seeing the pulse on Slack?
Could it be that you’re looking in one a bot that you setup in a former attempt?