I can't use the "date" filter on the dashboard

I’m having a problem using date filter inside the dashboard.
Within the question, the date variable (date type) works normally, however within the dashboard that I added this question, the date filter does not work.
My field is a timestamp in this format “Thursday, March 21, 2019 11:38 AM”.
When I add the date filter to the dashboard, the question is not compatible, so I can not select the “date” column.
What can I do to be able to filter date on my dashboard?
Ps: In the data model, this column is already set to “Date and Time”.

Hi @estulano
Which version of Metabase? Which database are you connecting to?
There’s no Field Type called Date and Time in Data Model. Are you using Creation timestamp?
Is it a Native Query or Custom Query? Can you reproduce the problem with the Sample Dataset?

Version database 0.30.4…
“Joiin date and time” in data type.
Is native query.

select user, date
from test
WHERE resource = ‘Layout’
[[AND user, ilike {{user}}]]
[[AND cast(date as date) = {{data}}]]

remembering that the variable within the native sql for the date field usually works by filtering according to what I put in the filter.

My problem is on dashboard. When I include a date filter on the dashboard.

My question on the dashboard, which has a date filter as a variable in there, does not work the date filter on the dashboard. “Not valid” when i edit the filter

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the problem on 0.31.2
I’ve just created a question based on your example (using H2 Sample Data) and added it to my test dashboard, and when I add a Single Date filter, then I can select the reference parameter.

[[AND "PUBLIC"."PEOPLE"."NAME" ilike CONCAT('%',{{user}},'%')]] --variable type is set to Text
[[AND cast("PUBLIC"."PEOPLE"."CREATED_AT" AS date) = {{data}}]] --variable type is set to Date

doesn’t work for me.
Only “single date” able compatible fields when i add this filter. Functions normally. But…i want use “Relative Date” to filter.!
Another options doesn’t works. Not valid. Only functions (valid) if i use (Single Date), then de question have a valid column, but i want use “Relative Date” to filter and this don’t show the valid columns like “Single Date” shows.

How fix this?
Thanks for the help.

Then use Field Filter instead, so the last line looks like this:

[[AND {{data}}]] --variable type is set to Field Filter mapped to "PEOPLE"."CREATED_AT"