I didn't know you could do that - drag and drop to collections

I was just going through the pain of moving questions into collections using the … to the right of each question. Not sure why I tried this - but you can drag and drop questions into the collections.
So much easier, no idea when this turned up (yet another reason we need proper release notes).


I understand what you’re asking for - and I agree. I think it has gotten a lot better, but there’s still room for improvements.

That was part of Collections 2.0, which was implemented around 0.30, but specifically #7810
While drag-to-collection wasn’t noted, the drag-to-pin was shown:

Side-note: You can also hover the item icon (the icon on the left of the name of the item), which then shows a checkbox, which allows you to do actions to multiple selected items.

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I appear to be old-fashioned - I remember being taught to follow 3 rules when designing a user interface:

  1. Visibility - use has to be able to see the control (that means no hover or mouse in corner or some other magic)
  2. Affordance - make the button look like a button
  3. Feedback - let the use know their action has been recorded

After that, I did a load of work designing user interfaces for visually impaired users (HTML is perfect for VI if done properly)
Now it seems that all this has been forgotten, no doubt to be reinvented in another few years.

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Totally agree. It seems to be part of the smartphone era, where you now have to learn unintuitive things to use - some might be great, kinda like a shortcut, but difficult to explain to non-tech-savvy users (i.e. swipe from outside the screen to see a menu).

I know there has been more strive towards accessibility, but I think it’s going to be difficult for Metabase to be fully compliant.
Like you say, when the frameworks reinvents accessibility as integral part of their framework, then all applications that uses those frameworks will benefit from it.