I hosed my Docker Container... Any pointers to restore from Time Machine

Hey All,

Not really a Metabase question, but hopefully ya’ll have had experience with this.

So, I never set my Metabase container to use a local folder. I spent weeks fine tuning reports and such. Yesterday I accidentally hit a button in Kitematic and that triggered the container to rebuild. So… all the config and such is reset.

I’m still pretty new with docker and how it all works. I have hourly backups of my machine in TimeMachine, but just struggling to figure out what files I would need restore. Anyone know where the docker volumes are stored in MacOS?


Sorry, I don’t have a Mac - so can’t check this - but https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-ab&q=where+are+docker+volumes+stored+mac

… burped up https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38532483/where-is-var-lib-docker-on-mac-os-x

Let us know if that helps or not

Thanks for the tip!

Looking more into it… it looks like I’m out of luck. Apparently I did not have the check box “Include Containers in Timemachine” checked… sooooo… Looks like I’m gonna be starting over! :slight_smile:

Oh well, as they say it always takes less time to redo it as it did to make it the first time :grimacing:

This time around you want to actually act on the first parentheses here: https://metabase.com/docs/latest/operations-guide/running-metabase-on-docker.html#launching-metabase-on-a-new-container

Which means either of:

  • At the very least volume map your H2 files outside the containers (and you don’t need to tickmark doing Time-machine on your containers as they don’t contain any of your data.
  • or – even more robust for a production setup, consider setting up Postgres (or alternatively MySQL as your application database)

Both of these points are described further down on that page I linked to above!