I need help tabulating my combat log - Could Metabase be the solution?

Hello community,

I am experiencing difficulties tabulating the data from my World of Warcraft game combat log. I have over 1000 .txt files with detailed battle information, but the data is so inconsistent that I am having trouble finding an efficient way to tabulate it.

I wonder if Metabase can help me tabulate my combat logs. I am looking for a tool that can import my .txt files and analyze the data efficiently, turning them into readable and organized tables. In addition, I would like to explore and visualize the tabulated data in an intuitive way, perhaps with features such as filters, sorting, and interactive graphs.

If any of you have had experience with Metabase for complex data tabulation, especially combat logs, I would like to hear your opinion. Is Metabase able to handle World of Warcraft combat logs? What are your impressions about the effectiveness and ease of use of Metabase for this specific purpose?

Thank you in advance for any guidance, suggestions or shared experience. I look forward to exploring the potential of Metabase and overcoming the challenges I am facing when tabulating my combat logs.

Thank you all!

Seems you need first to parse the files and build a schema around it. Metabase will need to read from a database to work, so my guess here is:

  1. parse the logs and build a schema
  2. put that into a data warehouse
  3. connect Metabase to it
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