I think a word/tag cloud graph type is a smashing idea

This felt like a more appropriate forum for this kind of discussion, but perhaps it belongs in the issue tracker as a possible enhancement? In any case, here goes.

I think there should be a word cloud type graph (a peer to the line, area, pie, bar, map, etc) for textual data. Something like this:

Hear me out.

A lot of business informatics hinges on “fuzzy” information, and we succeed in delivering value with our analyses to the extent that we’re able to interpret information even when it’s highly contextual, or can’t pinned down with numbers.

Frequently, the information we find in our databases are textual - forum posts, tech support requests, customer reviews, salesorder entry comments, search keywords, commit logs… the list goes on. When the volume of this data becomes more than is manageable, it becomes important to find ways to summarize, in order to determine the “shape” of a body of data.

Our flagship application for such a feature would be our tech support logs. We log tech support tickets in such a way that we can query ticket problems, comments, and solutions, and they’re tagged with date, time, customer number, technician, etc. I have already extracted support tickets and generated word clouds (using some popular free websites for this task) and the results were actually informative, once “noise words” were weeded out. We identified a number of focus-areas for tech support and engineering, simply as a result of doing a “deep dive” on individual words that stuck out in the analysis.

Rendering word clouds on dashboards, with the words being clickable, in the same way that individual data points on the graphs are clickable, to take the user to the records that contain those words, would be extremely valuable. The word clouds themselves wouldn’t have to be very full-featured to be really useful. If you could specify a color scheme, that would be nice, and a list of “noise words” not to include would be valuable - also, an option perhaps to catch n grams would be useful (but perhaps overcomplicates things)

That’s probably enough on this topic. Just wanted to get it out there. Love the tool - we’re having a blast with it, and it’s really had a positive impact on our business.


I really think this will be a great addition. Because of the top 3 open source BIs / Data Visualisation tools (i.e Redash, Metabase and Superset) available, Metabase is simplest and yet the only one without Word Cloud.