IBM DB2 connector, what does it cost to get it?

Since the new Database connector structure i’m not able to update Metabase, because my IBM DB2 connector is not supported anymore(downloaded here in forum).
I’m not a Java developer and i don’t have the ressources to program it from the scratch in my company.

My question is where or who can program a DB2 connector.

I can’t imagine, that i’m the only one, who uses Metabase with an IBM iSeries.

If i’m not able to have a solution i have to Switch form Metabase to other Plattform.

Hi @TomeK
You are definitely not the only one using DB2 - currently ranked 25 of the most requested drivers (out of 98)
But it seems like unless someone creates a driver, then it’s not in Metabase’s path for the future.

Not sure what surprises me most - that there are 98 different databases that need supporting or that DB2 is only 25th!

One day, I’ll understand why we can’t just have a generic JDBC driver…

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