Id parameter on API POST /api/card

Hi, so I'm using MetabasePy to automatically make hundreds of new cards on Metabase and for each question I want to make some field filter. In this page below, it is said that I need to provide the 'id' inside the 'parameters' Card
My script should look something like this:,
    name = "YA",
    query = query_template_absolute_numbers + field_filters,
    parameters = [
            'id': "",
            'type': 'date/range',
            'target': ['dimension', ['template-tag', 'Date_Range']],
            'name': 'Date range',
            'slug': 'Date_Range'
    display = 'line'

The question is, how do I get the id value for the field filter?

can you post the URL to the MetabasePy project? this question should be answered by the project maintainer