Identical queries run slower via metabase

DB: AWS Redshift
Metabase: v0.34.3

I discovered that if I run a query against Redshift using a client like Postico it will be significantly faster than if I run it in metabase. The queriers in question return no more than 20 or so rows with very little data, so it’s not the amount of data being returned, it’s something else.

Example query times:

Metabase Postico
Query A ~8s ~2s
Query B ~22s ~11s

To rule out connection times I ran a query like SELECT 1 and that is almost instant in both.

@sean256 There has been a lot of connection improvements in 0.35.0, so could you test with that?
Otherwise you might need to enable debug logging to figure out where the slow part is introduced: