Identifier Too Long

I am trying to combine two tables in metabase with a foreign key, but I am receiving the error "Identifier too long". After researching I realized there is a 30 character cap. The names of the databases, tables, and columns are too long. I am looking for help on how to shrink this down; possibly by changing the names in my sql editor to something simpler and shorter? Looking for help on how to do this.

Also, I am pretty novice in sql and coding in general, but have been making headway.

depending on the engine that you're running, you might want to search for "ALTER TABLE" and/or "ALTER COLUMN" operations. Example for PostgreSQL

Unfortunately, those are not options for me, but thank you.

@bradley.toler Since you're not providing much information, then I'm guessing you're using Oracle and seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
See description for a possible workaround.