Iframe resizer not working for new question screen

I have a page in my app with two links. One link opens up a page which embeds the metabase home page and the other link opens up a page which embeds the metabase new question page.
I have used iframe-resizer-react to resize my embedded metabase content.
Now, the metabase home page embedding works fine. It sets a height to the iframe according to the content size.
But the metabase new question embedding has some issues. It sets very less height like 150px to the iframe, which leads to either hiding half of the content or a scrollbar inside the iframe.

I am using same iframe configuration for both pages.

style={{ width: '1px', minWidth: '100%'}}
allowtransparency />

Hi @anindita0690
I thought we already went through this in much details: Iframe downsizing not working
Try setting the minHeight.

Yes, we did go through the downsizing issue. But I was trying the home page and few other chart screens at that point.
But now somehow, I am getting this issue only when I try to embed the new question screen.
I tried setting a minHeight. That works for that particular screen, but when I navigate and try to build a visualization which has some lengthy content, then it adds a scrollbar for the iframe. It's not increasing the height of the iframe.

@anindita0690 FullApp embedding is only supported in the Enterprise Edition:

I am using Enterprise Edition.

@anindita0690 Okay, then please use the support email.

ok, thanks