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I wonder if it is possible to add an image in BI. Example: I have a BI with charts and tables related to some schools. I would like it when I select the school, in addition to the school’s graphics and studies, to present a picture of the principal of the school in question. Do you know if there is such a possibility?

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Hi @renan
You can use the “Text Box” on dashboards, which supports MarkDown format, to show an image.
Currently (0.32.8) you cannot do this dynamically - meaning the image will change depending on a filter. Or, you can, but then you have to use the Table visualization to show the image dynamically, but it’s limited to 30px in height, which would make it a small thumbnail.


Tkx @flamber! Your response was of great help. No problem if the image is small, the important thing is that it can serve as identification. Once I test, I return the result for effectiveness. 10x!

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Would this be functional for any image format?

No. When storing an image for use it is converted to one of the four types supported in SQL: Tinyblob; Blob; Mediumblob; Longblob. It did not work for my need in Metabase because of the URL need and dimensions necessary for my talkative. But I take the opportunity to thank @flamber for the help.

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If I remember correctly, the URL only handles JPG, PNG and GIF.


@flamber Is it possible to change an image dynamically now (based on filter)? If not could you explain more about how you could use a Table visualization to do this?

@natalie As long as the returned result contains an URL, then yes, but it sounds like you're asking for something different from this topic.
There are some known caveats with Field Types, which might cause problems for most:

Thanks for the reply, we're trying to do something different where we would like the value of a filter to be included in our image url. Specifically we have an endpoint to return an image but want the filter value to be a part of the url. For example 'http://our_host/api/img/{filter_value}' Is this possible?

@natalie Ohhh, that is possible with Click Behavior on the dashboard:
And if you need it on a question, then it would have to be a SQL question, where you concatenate the variable into a column that is returned.

Good to know, that document is very helpful but it sounds like we are trying to do something slightly different. Instead of clicking and being redirected to a page we are just interested in the url to display the image.

For example we want to do something similar to this shield image. but where {{manager}} is the current value of our Manager filter. This is all within a text card.

@natalie Then you need to return the results with a column that has a link like that.