Image not showing up on Metabase Pulse

Hi, Everyone!

I have a Metabase Pulse that is being sent to Slack daily via Metabot, and normally, the Pulse has an image/snapshot of the data. Today, all of our pulses doesn't include it. I've confirmed that the metabase_files channel on Slack has the images. The email pulse also has it.

Troubleshooting steps done so far:

  1. Ensured that we have the latest version.
  2. Tried Dashboard Subscriptions, still no image sent.
  3. Switched to another bot.

Hoping to get guidance to get this resolved. Thank you in advance.

Hi @mc.leonard22
We are aware and have no solution currently, since the error/change is at Slack: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post