Implication of duplicating questions for new database using SQL

My customer currently has about 75 questions across 2 databases (different schemas).
He wants these duplicated to 2 new databases, using the same Metabase installation.

I duplicated the questions in SQL, updated the database ID in both the database_id column and the dataset_query column.
All appears to work perfectly.
HOWEVER! The table in the dataset_query and in the table_id column still points to the table in the original database. The schemas are identical and will remain so.

Am I likely to run into problems in the future?

I can partly answer my own question!
The filters are still derived from the original values. I’m seeing the filter values from the original dashboard in the new questions.
I’ll have a play to see if there’s a sensible workaround.

update: Looks like it may be more trouble than it’s worth. You can change the table_id to the correct value, and that means it shows the correct values. However, you can’t select the value to be filtered in the question.
It’s not too bad to edit the dataset_query column, but that leads to loads of extra work witht he fieldIds.
Easier to just recreate the questions (sadly)