Import Shared Database Schemas (Redshift)

It would be nice for Metabase to be able to import Schemas from Redshift Datashares. The use case is this:

In Metabase we create a Database from a Redshift cluster that is setup as a Datashare consumer, and when we specify the database, we specify the datashare database that is being consumed.

Metabase should be able to access it directly and import the schema, allowing access to it directly without having to recreate local views from the datashare tables.

Hi @n1ch0las
I'm not sure what it would require from our side to support this, but it sounds vaguely similar to this BigQuery issue:
You should open a new feature request.

how do i open a new feature request?

@n1ch0las On our Github repo:
The more details you include, the greater the chance it will be implemented at some point.