Importing csv data into google sheets stopped working


I use Importdata function in spreadsheet to get data from Metabase via csv url.
Until today everything was working properly. But then it stopped working and I started to get Could not fetch url error.

It happened just after/during updating metabase to the latest version. Any idea how to handle this?

Hi @ercanvural
Which version did you upgrade from and to?
If you copy the URL from the importdata function and try visiting the URL, do you see data from Metabase or some error? If you see data, then the problem is most likely somewhere in Google’s system.
I can’t remember the Google interface, but I’m sure there’s somewhere to show a more detailed error.


Update was done from 0.34.1 to 0.34.2
Metabase url works properly, you are right it is about google sheets.

And unfortunately there is no detailed explanation related with error.

Thank you for help btw.

Looks like there’s an issue with Google not accepting the 202 Accepted response, which was added in 0.34.2:

Like that user says in github, I think many users including me, will be not able to fix that issue by workaround. Are you considering to change status? It would save our lives.

@ercanvural Let’s keep the conversation in the issue - it makes it easier to track everything in one place.
The issue has just been filed. We haven’t had time to look into this.

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guys, PLEASE get this fixed so GSheet integration works again. We really need this functionality.

Thank you & Best Regards

Hello, any update on this?

Fixed by #13500