Improve Data Discovery and Business Glossary

Hi all,

I was wondering: do you have any plans to grow and empower the Data Discovery section?

My team is currently working a lot in Data Governance and Accessibility and we think that Metabase could be a great place to have some things like:

  • Business Glossary : pretty much the copy of what you have in your page here
  • Data Catalogue: the current experience to access column descriptions etc is quite frustrating for end-users
  • Data Ownership: tag the data-owners of a definition, a dashboard, a query and add a :white_check_mark: if it's been proofed by the data-owner

In general, we are exploiting at it's fullest the dbt-metabase integration and this is giving engineers a lot of documentation power... let's use it better :wink:


Hi @marco
You want a Glossary inside of Metabase, which is similar to what was created for the documentation/learn articles? I don't remember ever seeing a request for that before, you can open a request on Github.

There were some implementations of descriptions, but there's still some requests open about expanding that further:

There's Official/Verified marking on collections and questions: and

Hi @flamber, thanks for the quick reply!
Yes exactly, our people are struggling when it comes to accessing documentation, descriptions etc and we think that among everything else having also a Business Glossary would be great.

Right now our workaround is to create it as seed via DBT and have it accessible as a table, but it's a poor and ugly solution.