In public dashboard is possible put download section

For example i build this dashboard:

i want put this

in each section, is possible?

It’s been requested, you’d have to check github to see if it’s happening or to vote for it.
At the moment, the only workaround is to embed questions rather than dashboards.

can u share me link for vote

Pretty sure this is what you’re looking for:

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Hey! It is now possible to download a data from a public link?

@Laura.dropp Click the linked issue, If it is "Open", then the feature/bug is not implemented. If it is "Closed", then look in the sidebar to see which Milestone it is included in.

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I would like to know please if is possible to generate an Public CSV URL link from the Table I created itself, not a public link from the Dashboard.

Because with a Public CSV URL from the table, I could put on a Google Sheets with an

@Laura.dropp Yes, use the Public Sharing functionality of the question (not the dashboard), which allows you to copy the CSV URL: