Include Hours and minutes on dashboard date/time filters like there is within Questions

How do I set a date filter for a Dashboard at the last 24hrs?

The two things I have tried that do not work:

Previous = 1 Day
Result: It shows me everything that happened one calendar day ago. So today’s date is 7.19.18 and it shows me everything on 7.18.18.

Previous = 0 Day with include today checkbox
This is the same thing as Current = Day and shows you things that have happened on today’s calendar date.

Hi @seamus5

Maybe you’re overlooking the option or maybe you’re on an older version, but I have Hours and even Minutes available in Previous - v0.29.3


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@flamber is that screenshot from a Question or a Dashboard?

I see the same as you on a Question - but as @seamus5 reported above Dashboards have less granularity (see screenshot below). This is also with v0.29.3

I was almost posting a response yesterday, but you beat me to it :rofl:


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@jornh Don’t I feel stupid :flushed: I totally overlooked that part - never used anything below Days.

Haha, no problem & no need to feel stupid. At best the UI inconsistency is a bit stupid (but it probably didn’t sneak in there on purpose).

And I guess, between what each of us saw, there’s now more knowledge - and maybe even enough for @seamus5 to work around the problem?

Maybe this topic should simply be re-categorized into an enhancement request/bug? @seamus5 feel free to do so …

I absolutely will. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for surfacing this, @seamus5. Looks like there’s already an open issue regarding this:

I went ahead and updated that issue, but please do feel free to give the issue the “thumbs up” or provide additional info or feedback if you have it.

@maz sounds good. Will close this one.