Include the changes to API in release notes

There has been some changes to Metabase API in v.39 and v.40, but there was no mention of them in the release notes.
That would be nice to have these changes documented somewhere so that we can make the required changes in our code in a timely manner.

Should I open a feature request ticket for this?

done, thanks for the heads up

Keeping the documentation updated is definitely nice. What I meant was to mention what changes has been made to the API in the release notes of each version (or just put a link to a page that contains these changes in the release notes)

@King_Edward Yes, please open an issue. We have changed our merge process last week. I think we might need to make this part of the release process, so it will update the API (if there's changes) before release, and then we can link to the diff.
That would be the easy way out until we have a versionized API.

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