Incomplete click behaviour for pivot tables

Click behavior does not apply to Pivot Table Dimensions, but to the Metrics.
I can filter a dashboard by the numeric value, but e.g. cannot filter it by the dimension the value belongs to.
Also when templating Clickout URL's it's not possible to add the dimension's value to the URL but I can just select Dashboard Filters and Pivot Columns

This feels generally a) incomplete and b) unintuitive.
E.g. why would I insert the value "2500" into a URL or add it to the filter

What version are you running? I am guessing on 49 you should be able to do that:

I'm a Metabase Cloud user:

Reachout to and ask for an upgrade :slight_smile:

I just did and we're now running on 1.49.6

However I still only can select Columns in the Click Behaviours Filter Menu

Same here on 0.49.7 running on Docker.
It would also be useful to be able to pass values to destination view/dashboard based on the clicked column/dimension.

So just to be clear:
We can currently filter by the green area, which does not provide any added value in my view.
It's much more essential to be able to click/interact/filter by the red dimensions.

It's not useful to filter a page to "530 clicks" but pretty handy to filter other charts for "Meta" too

I hope that helps :slight_smile: