Incorrect encoding, how to set utf8mb4 on connect to MySQL?

I see bad characters instead of 4-byte unicode symbols (smilies), by database is utf8mb4 encoded properly and all works fine, but metabase people from California doesnt know about utf8mb4 encoding which is one RECOMMENDED since early 5.x release of MySQL.

Metabase 0.17.x
MySQL 5.7.x

So how do i set correct connection encoding for metabase app connection to my db? (i use AWS Beatstalk instance)

your loved userbase.

Are you talking about when MySQL is used for the application database?

metabase is launched with PostgreSQL in AWS ElasticBeanstalk,
i added my own MySQL 5.7 AWS RDS instance to metabase db list, and the characters are not rendered correctly in data returned from my table in MySQL 5.7, as the image in description says…

i think its 99% issue with metabase app code related to connection encoding/handling to MySQL, it should be utf8mb4

Gotcha, there's an issue open for it now -

Just saying, MySQL 5.6 with text columns encoded in utf8mb4 could also be affected, not sure if issue is only related to json column type in 5.7

Just switch altogether to utf8mb4, utf8 is subset of utf8mb4 so nothing will break.

Otherwise thx, waiting for fix.