Incorrect labels on multiple series plot on a line chart

I have a multiple time series of 2 graphs plotted against this week and the previous that I plot on a single line chart. The x-axis selected is the current week and the hover tool tip for the previous week graph points shows the current week time datapoint rather than the previous week time datapoint. Metabase ver - 0.32.5
It is related to the issue :slight_smile: Hovering labels always show first label of the series #3599
Can someone let me know how to get the tooltip to display the correct date?

Hi @Arsenal

I would suggest you upgrade to 0.32.8, since it fixes some other issues.

This issue usually happens when there’s a timezone difference between either the browser, Metabase reporting setting, the timezone of the server running Metabase or the database server.

But it can also happen, when there’s a jump in the timeline. This can then be fixed by using Ordinal instead of Timeseries in the chart settings :gear:

Issues that might be the same as your problem or related: