Incorrect result of divide or multiply two CumulativeSum expressions

Hello, I'm trying to divide two columns with CumulativeSum, but it doesn't work, the result is wrong. I give you an example:

The column "Acumulado RN" is a CumulativeSum(RN). The column "Capacidad Acumulada" is a CumulativeSum(CapacidadDia). As it can be seen, the values of those columns are correct, however, when I divide CumulativeSum(RN)/CumulativeSum(CapacidadDia) the result is wrong, you can see it in the column "cumcum".

I've tryed to create a custom column before the aggregation called CapacAcum which have CapacidadDia*Numer of days, which is a way to do a cumulative manually. The result is in the column "CC_CapaAcum" and it's correct. Nevertheless, if I divide CumulativeSum(RN)/Sum(CapacAcum), the result is wrong again, you can see it in the column "%Acumulado Mes". In this case, it seems that always divide AcumuladoRN/CapacidadDia instead of the cumulative :frowning:

Is it impossible to do this? I've seen that cumulatives work with + or -, but it doesn't work if you multiply or divide them.

I wrote in another topic but I was told it wans't the right topic, I'm sorry, so I'm creating a new one. I've seen several discussions about this issue, for example: but I'm not sure if there is any solution for this problem. Please, can you help me?

Thanks in advance!

@Adriana1 You would have to do your cumulative calculation in SQL. There's no workaround in the GUI currently.