Incorrect total for percentage column in Pivot table

I have pivot table based on a question that displays sales current year,previous year and a comparion between those two measures. The total rows display aggregated values for whole numbers which is as expected but for columns where it is a percentage coming from backend, it's incorrect. I guess since it's coming from backend, Metabase cannot differentiate aggregation type to apply and hence it's just aggregating all individual percentage rows instead of aggregating and then applying % calculation on top of it. I can however do the % calculation on Metabase as calculated column but I'm not able to create a Pivot table. Any help is much appreciated,

  1. can I create a pivot table with calculated columns for %
  2. Can we have the correct total rows for % columns

Based on sample data below, % CHANGE = Actual Sales - Sales PY/Sales PY

Hi @subzero355
Since the result is coming from your database, then Metabase wouldn't know what to do with that.
You would have to make the calculation in Metabase via a Custom Expression.

is it possible to have the % calculations on Metabase that gives correct % at Total Rows in a Pivot?

@subzero355 Use Custom Expressions, so Metabase is making the calculation:

There's currently no automatic percentage: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post