Increasing from 1 million row count

By default Metabase gives 1 million row count to download (button on below right generally in reports -> csv,json,xlsx).

  • Can anyone tell me how to download 6 million rows.
  • if not in single file but atleast batchwise..part1...part2 like that
  • tell me as much options to explore and work arounds.
  • my users are non techincal and dont much about SQL (unions)
  • also is something realted to this is available in Paid plans also?


if anyone get me some clue.
That would be helpful.

Same in open source and paid.

If a customer asked me this, I'd suggest they either take another look at their requirements or use something other than Metabase - it's just not what it's designed for. It's for analysis not to generate data for people to play with in Excel.

you can't have more than a million rows in excel Excel specifications and limits - Microsoft Support

about csv and json Override download limit · Issue #28144 · metabase/metabase · GitHub