Initialization Complete stuck

Hello All,

I’m currently try to install Metabase on Raspbery Pi. I have checked the java version, and run the .jar like says on the installation procedure.
It start doing the installation, but after some time says INFO metabase.core::Metabase Initialization Complete and don’t continue.
I already try a few times but always stuck on same.
Came some one provide usefull information ?

SOLVED. I did notice that service should keep running.


I’m new to Metabase and I ended up with the same problem while installing INFO metabase.core::Metabase Initialization Complete.
and I don’t know what to next, could you please help me out.

@silpa Then you go to the hostname and port you have configured in your browser. If you’re running Metabase locally on your computer, then it would be http://localhost:3000 by default
I would recommend that you have a look at the documentation:

Thank you for your quick help