Inputing date range in one Questions updates the results of another

I have one question where i would need to enter the dates in the dashboard and update question 1 and this would affect the results i have in question 2. So when I select the date between the 1 of June and the 10 of June for question 1 it would get all the data between these dates and would update question 2 that would count the rows after the date change.

Hi @louisc
You would need to connect the dashboard filter to both questions:

hello, my dashboard filter(date range) needs to only be connected to the question 1 and with the results of that question my question 2 can be updated.

@louisc You cannot do that. You would have to connect the filter to both questions.

ok thanks and can i put the two questions together and in the middle have the input of a date range and then it will run other actions?

not even in sql?

@louisc I don't understand what you are trying to do. If you need to do more complex queries, then you can use SQL:

i have a question where in the middle of different filters i have to input dates from the dashboard and once there dates have been inputed i need to continue the commands such as a maximum. I can only do the maximum with the results filtered by the data range filter.

@louisc Okay, I still don't know what you are trying to do, so post your SQL or screenshot of your GUI question notebook, so it's possible to understand your structure.
Try using the Sample Database to describe your problem with.
And post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

ok i have done a screen shot but dont know where to find the admin

Here i want input the date at the top and it will modify the question "test des orders" and then it will modify "test status avec date" but the date range is only connected to "test des orders".

@louisc You need to connect the dashboard filter to both questions. Edit the dashboard, click the dashboard filter in the top and then connect it to both questions.

I tried but i cant. How can i make to refresh when i change the date range?

@louisc What do you mean by "i cant". You are just showing a screenshot of your dashboard again.

@louisc Go to the question "test status avec date" - I need to either see the SQL or Notebook editor.

thats the sql

SELECT count(*) AS "count"
FROM (SELECT "source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__order_id" AS "Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__order_id", max("source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__id") AS "max" FROM (SELECT "source"."order_id" AS "order_id", "source"."max" AS "max", "source"."Orders Orderamount__id" AS "Orders Orderamount__id", "source"."Orders Orderamount__created_at" AS "Orders Orderamount__created_at", "source"."Orders Orderamount__updated_at" AS "Orders Orderamount__updated_at", "source"."Orders Orderamount__is_active" AS "Orders Orderamount__is_active", "source"."Orders Orderamount__stage" AS "Orders Orderamount__stage", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_kept" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_kept", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_returned" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_returned", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_delivery_shipping_fee" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_delivery_shipping_fee", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_discount" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_discount", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_return_shipping_fee" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_return_shipping_fee", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_other" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_other", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_total_cart" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_total_cart", "source"."Orders Orderamount__order_id" AS "Orders Orderamount__order_id", "source"."Orders Orderamount__tenant_id" AS "Orders Orderamount__tenant_id", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_captured" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_captured", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_payment_incident" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_payment_incident", "source"."Orders Orderamount__return_type" AS "Orders Orderamount__return_type", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_previously_captured" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_previously_captured", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_to_charge" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_to_charge", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_delivery_shipping_fee_discount" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_delivery_shipping_fee_discount", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_delivery_shipping_fee_ne_8a4977fc" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_delivery_shipping_fee_ne_8a4977fc", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_kept_net__1f6119c7" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_subtotal_items_kept_net__1f6119c7", "source"."Orders Orderamount__authentication_alarm_limit_date" AS "Orders Orderamount__authentication_alarm_limit_date", "source"."Orders Orderamount__is_authentication_done" AS "Orders Orderamount__is_authentication_done", "source"."Orders Orderamount__number_items_kept" AS "Orders Orderamount__number_items_kept", "source"."Orders Orderamount__number_items_returned" AS "Orders Orderamount__number_items_returned", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_elyn_revenue_captured" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_elyn_revenue_captured", "source"."Orders Orderamount__is_order_amount_in_payment_recovery" AS "Orders Orderamount__is_order_amount_in_payment_recovery", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_elyn_fee_to_charge" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_elyn_fee_to_charge", "source"."Orders Orderamount__is_payout_to_merchant_done" AS "Orders Orderamount__is_payout_to_merchant_done", "source"."Orders Orderamount__pas_processing_date" AS "Orders Orderamount__pas_processing_date", "source"."Orders Orderamount__amount_tip" AS "Orders Orderamount__amount_tip", "Orders Order - 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Orders Orderamount → Order__mercha_6f971498", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."displayed_order_id" AS "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order__displa_17b258ca", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."delivery_tracking_company" AS "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order__delive_1a533fb9", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."delivery_tracking_numbers" AS "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order__delive_2272fc0f", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."delivery_tracking_urls" AS "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order__delive_8a00b226", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."delivery_alarm_limit_date" AS "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order__delive_f477fe8", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."delivery_date" AS "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order__delivery_date", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."trial_start_date" AS "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order__trial__d5882a9a", "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."trial_limit_end_date" AS "Orders Order - 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GROUP BY "public"."orders_orderamount"."order_id"
ORDER BY "public"."orders_orderamount"."order_id" ASC) "source"
LEFT JOIN "public"."orders_orderamount" "Orders Orderamount" ON "source"."max" = "Orders Orderamount"."id") "source" LEFT JOIN "public"."orders_order" "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order" ON "source"."order_id" = "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."id" LEFT JOIN "public"."tenants_tenant" "Tenants Tenant - Tenant" ON "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."tenant_id" = "Tenants Tenant - Tenant"."id" LEFT JOIN "public"."orders_orderstatus" "Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order" ON "source"."order_id" = "Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order"."order_id"
WHERE ("Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."is_order_using_elyn" = TRUE
AND "Orders Order - Orders Orderamount → Order"."is_order_authorized" = TRUE)) "source" WHERE ("source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__status" = 'in_trial'
OR "source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__status" = 'pending_dropoff' OR "source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__status" = 'dropoff_pending_charge_attempt' OR "source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__status" = 'trial_pending_charge_attempt') GROUP BY "source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__order_id" ORDER BY "source"."Orders Orderstatus - Orders Orderamount → Order__order_id" ASC) "source"

as you can see it is connected to the other question but does not update

@louisc So you are doing a double-aggregation. You would need to do it in SQL with a variable for the date.

Hi Flamber, it's Louis, I'm using a coworker account as I reached the limit of messages I can send as a new user on my first day. Doing a double aggregation with SQL is exactly what we've done

It's working well, the only question we have is: how can we have the date range filter directly on the dashboard page (the date ranges are only at the query page level).
Thank you very much!