Install Metabase in Hosting Server

Hi, I purchased a domain and a hosting package. How do I install Metabase on there?

Hi @shaonyuvi
Since you're not providing any details about the hosting server, then I'm guessing it's a Linux server:
Otherwise look here for other options:

I purchased Starter package from

Is it okay to host?

@shaonyuvi Have never heard of them. You're likely going to run out of RAM. You should probably consider Advanced package.
You have decided to do-it-yourself, so you'll have to make the setup you need.
If you want a hosted solution, then there's Metabase Cloud:

May be I failed to clear you.

Actually I downloaded Metabase jar and just double click on the file and go to http://localhost:3000/ its working fine.

I just want to do as same task on the hosting instead of my laptop.

@shaonyuvi If you follow the two links I provided initially, then you'll see how to install Metabase.

My hosting provider confirmed that using Linux server. Could you please tell me the exact process on activating Metabase?

@shaonyuvi There is no guide specifically for the provider you have chosen. Follow the general systemd documentation
I can only advise against hosting Metabase yourself if you have never managed servers, since it is your responsibility to maintain, upgrade and backup.