Install Metabase on Google Compute Engine

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We want to have a production ready Metabase instance on our Google Compute Engine VM

We tested implementation accordingly to these instructions
All is good. Metabase was available via ssh on localhost/3000
But it is not what we want to show the client.

Challenge #1
Make self-hosted Metabase available publicly on our domain. So instead of ssh and localhost/3000 we can just visit a browser page like, login and build/view dashboards
It requires some reverse proxy set up in Google Cloud. We are looking for the best solution.

Challenge #2
Since we want it to be production ready an application database (to store questions, dashboards, and users) should be not in the docker container but, for example, in Cloud SQL.
Metabase provides instructions how to do it, but it is not clear how to apply to a docker image running on the Compute Engine.

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