Install on Azure

I was able to run metabase.jar on my machine (W10), and now I need to try on Azure, because it’s where I have SQL Server.

I couldn’t do it by myself (closure and jetty are new to me).
Is there any documentation or tips about this environment?

On Azure, I tried:

  • Create a web app;
  • Set to Java 8 and Jetty 9.1;
  • Failed to run metabase.jar.


We don’t use Azure all that much.

We ship a standalone jar that can be run as-is. If the web app is expecting a WAR file or other Java deployment artifact our shipped Jar won’t work.

You might try running our docker image on azure instead.

Thanks for the quick response, docker will be my last alternative.
I will try to find a way, and if I do, I’ll write here.

You can use it with a combination of a httpPlatformHandler and a bat file. Its quite tricky but its possible.

  1. Create new web app with windows os
  2. Under Application settings:
    2.a Select Java 8 and pick newest Tomcat as Java container
    2.b Set up the database config environment variables as settings. (For example, MB_DB_TYPE = postgres).
  3. Upload metabase.jar and put in %HOME%/site/wwwroot/
  4. Take web.config and run.bat from this gist and also put in the same place.
  5. Done!

Hi everyone!
Any news about installing it on Azure? Is the best way still an docker image?



I just run it on Azure in a VM. At the moment, it’s using Ubuntu, but just as easy to use Windows Server. Only pain is creating the services.

Hi, could you explain more on this process.
I tried installing docker image on azure but I get error running my application.
I followed and executed below command to create a metabase docker image.

az container create --resource-group xxx --name metabase --image metabase/metabase --dns-name-label yyy --ports 80

This command was successful but my application won’t load when I tried to access my application through fqdn given by the above command.

I can see the following in logs but I’m not sure how I can proceed and setup metabase.

05-08 12:28:18 INFO metabase.core :: Please use the following URL to setup your Metabase installation:

Am I missing any step here?

Hi @praneetha
What error are you getting?
I think you can follow the Docker guide and get up running:

Hi @flamber, I get connection timed out error when I try to access my application.
Also I checked in azure portal that my docker is up and running. Yet unable to access it through fqdn.
Also I think the link that u sent me is to set up metabase on docker but in my issue I am able to get the docker image on azure( atleast thats what it says by giving successful message) However I don’t understand how to proceed with the next step. As per this tutorial -, we should be able to access the application directly through fqdn. But here I cant

I got it. I was able to get the application on fqdn:portnum/setup

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