Installing with docker on windows


I am running a Windows dedicated server, however I really want to run it in a docker container however the Dockerfile only supports ubuntu-latest. Is there a way to run this in Windows?


Hi @jxnnyo
The Dockerfile has nothing to do with your host OS. If you have installed Docker on Windows, then you can start the container, which is Alpine.
If you want to run directly on Windows, then use the JAR file instead of Docker.

I want to run it in a container however when I use docker run it says that it isnt supported with Windows.

@jxnnyo You should probably post the entire error you're getting, since I'm guessing that your problem is that Docker is not correctly installed on your Windows host.


@jxnnyo If you did an internet search on the error image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform, then you would have gotten the answer:

I tried that and fully restarted my box and it still does not let me pull any docker images with linux.

@jxnnyo Okay, I guess that's a bug in Docker on Windows.

Might be because my windows build isn't compatible with WSL.

Figured out the issue on Windows we have to right click on the Docker icon in the taskbar and press Switch to Linux Containers.

Thanks for the assistance anyway.