Integrate Dashboard into other applications


first of all i’d like you to thank you for this phenomenal piece of software. It’s a real joy to work with Metabase.

I’ve attached it to my CUBA platform application ( DB backend. Now what i want to achieve is that within the application i can see the dashboard i created via Metabase. I’ve looked into different options like using a API (which i’m not 100% sure of) but the main reason is, that since you’ve done a great job on “creating and maintaining dashboards” there is not really a need to reimplement it on my side. This is why i had the idea to use an IFrame to integrate a Metabase dashboard into my app.

Unfortunately it will not be displayed. The reason seems to be that the ‘X-Frame-Options’ header is set to ‘DENY’ on Metabase side.

Is there a configuration option to allow certain hosts or am i on the wrong path to integrate dashboards into other applications?


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You could use Redash. It’s free as well and allows embedding.

It’s a bit more difficult to install vs Metabase’s JAR but Redash does have a Docker image that you can use. Just clone the repo and follow the instructions.

I use both Metabase and Redash as each have their strengths and weaknesses.