Integrating Metabase into another app?

Hi all,
looking to provide a dashboarding system for an app we are building. The user auth/groups is managed by Laravel and resides in table on a mariadb.

What we’d like to do:-

  1. add to menu pulldown to the page that integrates with the rest of the app world (or run metabase in an iframe)
  2. automatically create users and groups base on users and groups in the main app (we have delegated admin with individual site admins being able to create/delete users
  3. automatically grant access to data based on groups

Has anyone done this?

+1 to above. We are also trying to do the same and any expert guidance will be helpful.

Please see this doc for a guide on how to do what your describing:

Note that this will not embed the entire Metabase app, but specific dashboards or questions that you specify. You can also pass parameters to these dashboards or charts via your web app to filter them by a User ID for example.

Currently, charts and dashboards that you embed in your own web app or web page will have the Metabase logo/attribution on them, but we’ll very soon be announcing a paid product that will provide a separate license and remove the attribution.

But we also want to provide our business super users to have access to full app, and yes above is helpful for basic business users who only need to access pre created dashboards. How can we solve the need of super users? Thank you.

We don’t care about the Metabase attribution :slight_smile:
However like Sunil we need the entire app embedded, we want our users to be able to create a publish dashboards.

At the moment we are looking at developing our own interfacing to Laravel


would your company be interested in co-funding the modification?


We did it, just testing now…

hi baradhili… I have the same problem. I have an app, and wanted to perform a SSO to metabase. User base is at the app, not at metabase. Really run out of idea, now considering another alternative dashboard… And the drill down capability also, it seems that if it is embed as public, the drill down feature is not there… Im not sure about the embed yet…

So we needed to add code to metabase to auth against a cookie. Then you can give people access as if they are logged in normally.

However, we are also considering other options… whilst metabase is attractive, its no good if your data is normalised as it means your users need to enter SQL all the time… We do have a MSAccess type interface written, but it connects to the DB directly, not metabase.

So our options right now are to create a view that is fully denormalised, or to extend our msaccess interface to be easier to use for mid-range users.


Thanks baradhili…

We here had upgraded the mongodb component in Metabase, to run with the latest mongoDB. At the same time, we keep the RDBMS away from metabase and push all the data into MongoDB for analysis purposes, taking away systems fields and structured it to a business data form for metabase user to blend it their own.

It’s so close to get this metabase as our analysis tool in our application, however, as i mentioned previously, if i can’t get the SSO and the drilldown feature running, I have to move to another.