Integration metabot + slack

I'm trying to integrate metabot to our slack so we can consult our questions and dashboards inside our communication platform. However, some people on our company is against it because we need to open our metabase to anyone (outside our VPN). I didn't detected any info about that in metabot/metabase documentation. This is a real risk? we really need to change metabase permissions?

Hi @curious1

Metabase (and the MetaBot) connects to Slack to create a connection, which can then be used from Slack to ask for question results. Not the other way around. So Slack has no knowledge of the Metabase address, since it's communicating through the connection that Metabase created.
But it can be a pain to make sure the connection is not being shutdown by a firewall etc, since it will be a long-running connection.

Is there a risk of having Metabase publicly accessible: No.
But it might be against internal security protocols to have anything accessible from the outside.

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I see.
Thank you for your time!