Interactive Pareto view of products

Hi there,
Sorry, I am new to Metabase and this is maybe a stupid question. But I am stuck and hope to find some support here.

In my dashboard, I want to display a Pareto like diagram of the say 10 most popular product orders. That is easy to do when you want a static diagram.

but now I want to add a filter in the dashboard where I can select this diagram as dependant on the date of the order (say “show me the 10 most popular product orders during the last 30 days”).

While I can do this above on diagrams which are time based, it does not let me do it with my Pareto Diagram.

Thanks in advance

Hi @roestigraben
That’s currently not possible without doing it in SQL. There’s an issue open about it: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hi flamber,
thanks already for this fast reply. You say you do it in SQL. I am not afraid of SQL but don’t see the way that a filter on the dashboard interactively can change a parameter on the SQL. Can you hint me a little bit. Thanks

@roestigraben There are two major types of filters, which work very differently, so depending on the SQL it might not be possible to use Field Filters, which is probably what you want to try with: