Internal Metabase queries running on the DB

Hello, while looking at my DB's running queries, I noticed a few internal metabase query running. For example:

-- Metabase:: userID: 11 queryType: native queryHash: a87c08d07ea5372ff2415415a3e0c2cafbcf08dc2106f1060008166728cb7ad0\nSELECT .............

These are obviously queries being run by users in my Metabase instance.

But I've also found the following:

-- Metabase\nSELECT ...................

These are a bit weirder. I pretty much have one of these running at all times, and it is not tied to any specific user.
Since they seem to always (or at least most of the times) have a limit, I'm assuming these are queries for getting metrics on my tables. Nonetheless, since we have a very heavy load and huge tables, I disabled the automatic scans like this:

Only schema scans are allowed, which is not the case in these queries.

I'm wondering what these queries are, and how can I disable them (unless it's unsafe to do so, of course), since for some of our tables they take a long time to run, and due to how huge some of our tables are, it actually has a toll on the DB.

Note: I've manually killed the query a few times, only for it to spawn again (different fields of the same table, or actually goes to other tables; which is why I'm assuming this is some sort of metrics gathering).


please post the entire SQL so we can identify what's the query for

Sorry, here it is:

-- Metabase
SELECT ("public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse"."configuration"#>> array[$1, $2]::text[])::bigint AS "configuration → base → payment_schedule" FROM "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse" GROUP BY "configuration → base → payment_schedule" ORDER BY "configuration → base → payment_schedule" ASC LIMIT 1000

This is just a field on that particular table. If I kill this query it starts another one:

-- Metabase
SELECT "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse"."scoring_model_used" AS "scoring_model_used" FROM "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse" GROUP BY "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse"."scoring_model_used" ORDER BY "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse"."scoring_model_used" ASC LIMIT 1000

and another...

-- Metabase
SELECT "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse"."product_delete" AS "product_delete" FROM "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse" GROUP BY "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse"."product_delete" ORDER BY "public"."datawarehouse_loanwarehouse"."product_delete" ASC LIMIT 1000

It seems there is no end in sight because this table is huge so each query takes a long time. But I've seen this type of queries also being done in other tables from time to time.

you need to go to those tables and fields in settings->admin->data model and set those fields as "no semantic type"

those queries are metabase scanning for field values