"Invalid credentials" on connect the ldap server

I trying to connect to ldap server (OpenLDAP: slapd (Ubuntu) (May 31 2017 21:52:16)), but have error:

#033[1mWARN api.ldap#033[0m :: Problem connecting to LDAP server: invalid credentials

#033[1mERROR middleware.log#033[0m :: #033[31mPUT /api/ldap/settings 500 124.4 ms (0 DB calls)

{:message “invalid credentials”}


I am insert same parameters in other program for ldap and those works. For example i am enter same properties in “Apache Directory Studio” and allow normal connect.
Metabase 0.33.4

Can you help me and say what’s wrong?

I have the same issue. I can’t validate the LDAP credentials from zimbra mail server.!

Any suggestion?