Invoke external APIs via Metabase web interface

Is there a way to invoke an external API with parameters via Metabase web interface?

The workflow I'm envisioning is

  1. A user looks at a dashboard
  2. The user inputs a certain parameter within the dashboard
  3. Metabase calls an external API with those parameters
  4. Underlying data gets updated (e.g. a new simulation run with new parameters) - external application will handle this
  5. The user enjoys the updated data vis Metabase

Any suggestions for this workflow if Metabase is not the best fit?

Hi @bleeruns
You could probably do something via a reverse-proxy, or creating a trigger on your database.
Or even have Metabase "load" an image, which the user browser would then try to view causing an external call, which you could then trigger something with.
There's many different options, none of them perfect, but Metabase isn't really the tool for such thing.

Thanks flamber. In your scenarios, would users be able to input parameters (e.g. text value)?

@bleeruns Yes, all of them.