Is is possible to limit the options shown in a field filter, depending on a SQL condition

I'm analyzing Metabase and the possibility of adopting it for our company as a BI tool.
However, when trying the free version, I came across a problem with the SQL parameters.
I can't limit the options that are shown on a field filter. For example I linked a filter to a column, but I want that the values displayed to be dependent on an SQL condition. It's possible?


Hi @hsantos
Currently no: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
It is possible to limit the options with Sandboxing (though not for SQL questions):

Thanks @flamber for your help.

This feature was released in Metabase 46. Yay!

You can now define a custom list, or choose an existing question, to populate dropdown options in dashboard filters and SQL queries. Paired with the choice of multi/single select, these options give you control over what’s displayed, preventing unnecessary queries to the database when people select values.