Is it possible that upgrading Beanstalk RDS instance from PostrgeSQL 10.6 -> 10.9 wreaks havoc

I am having SQL Server Connection issues " Login failed for user " Nothing has changed. I have read most of the posts around ports and connectivity and I do not think that is the issue. I did upgrade the default RDS engine from PostgreSQL 10.6 to 10.9 around the same time, so I am thinking this may be an issue. Some of the connections are still working

Could this be related to the engine upgrade? Assuming it was a successful upgrade.

Should have probably added that I running 0.32.9

Hi @Slickrock22
It shouldn’t be a problem upgrading metadata backend, but did you close Metabase before upgrading? Otherwise perhaps there was a write during upgrade, which corrupted something.
If you go to Admin > Databases, and edit the MSSQL database (input password too) and Save, does it then start working again?
Haven’t seen this type of problem before - and I’ve upgraded metadata several times, but not those specific versions (and not AWS).

Ok. I just found out that we restored some tables and the old ones were renamed. The permissions went with the renamed tables and as such I did not have access the to correctly name tables. Ugh. Sorry for the confusion.

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@flamber Thanks for the suggestion. That is what i was trying but because i was pointed to a table with which I did not have access, it failed. Thanks and sorry for wasting your time. Only 4 hours of troubleshooting!

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