Is it possible to dashboards points to questions? (drill down)

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to configure the drill down to redirect to an existing question?

When I drill down some report in dashboard, metabase redirects to a new question screen with a table containing the details. The problem is the default column order, which is all messy, and everytime the user has to reorder through settings button.

If I could determine the default column order or define a saved question for the drill down, it would solve my problem.

Is there any alternative to accomplish that?

I’m using the latest version v0.26.2.


I hope I understand your question right, but when you use SQL for a question you can define the order by which the data are shown, something like that:

ORDER BY table1.column1 ASC, table2.column2 ASC, date(created_at) DESC

Even when you create your question with the metabase query builder you can define the order of data at “Pick a field to sort by”


Hope that helps!

Hi Eva!!

Thanks for your reply!

Actually what I need is to drill down some chart (a pie chart in dashboard panel) and change the order that the columns are shown.

When I click the chart to drill down, metabase redirects me to “New Question” page with raw data and Table visualization.

However, the column order of this default Table visualization is not cool, so everytime I have to click on settings button to change the order.
Is there another way to do that?

Ah, now I get it!
I think the columns (at least for me) are shown alphabetically, not sure if you can change that …
One workaround could be to create a link next to your pie chart for every segment that links to another dashboard with those filter entries (as described here: Ability to Link Dashboards (Eg. User list dash -> click ID -> user dash for that id)). Using that you could also define what colums are shown and maybe show a fuller picture rather than only raw data?

Cheers, Eva